Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mental Exercise

This morning, I recited the alphabet backwards.  Immediately following, I realized that taken out of context it would appear that I was practicing for the next Saturday night D.U.I. checkpoint stop. Hehe. 

Kaiser Permanente ran an ad about exercising your brain and getting rid of that excess flag. It goes onto suggest doing activities out of the ordinary and engaging in mental challenges.  Sodoku is my go-to daily brain activity.  It's wholly addicting and neverending sometimes.  The level of difficulty is insane sometimes.  I then thought of the website mental_floss, a site "Where Knowledge Junkies Get Their Fix". It's always a lot of fun to read, IMHO. So many random stories, fun facts and trivia. 

So, my tip of the day: Brush your teeth and/or eat your cereal with your other hand. [Now, if you're ambidextrous, sorry - I got nothin' for ya.]