Monday, January 17, 2011

A Bit Cozy & Creepy at the Same Time

It's been awhile, kiddies. My first post of 2011 comes to you on the MLK holiday.. from my desk at work. Yeup, we are one of the rare few companies that do not observe the holiday. Most people's initial reaction is, 'Aww. That sucks.' And while it takes some getting used to, considering that I had all bank/federal holidays off at my previous job, I guess I can be half-full about this.

First off, in lieu of the MLK holiday, we did get the day after New Year's Day off. Which, for obvious reasons, was okay by me. [I'll take an extra day to recover any time.] Secondly, traffic was quite blissful this morning. I clocked in my morning commute time at 37 minutes. Not quite beating my record of 35 minutes, but damn close. The only comfort in my head as I lay down to sleep was, 'Well, traffic should be nice tomorrow morning.' It's sick, I know. It should be noted that that sentiment didn't do much to help me actually go to sleep. Not unusual for a Sunday night, my mind & body were not ready to shut down for the night at 10:30. And they didn't. After two rounds of Diner Dash and a glass of milk, I estimate my sleep time at 11:40ish. I've been doing my best to sleep early, and despite my best efforts, it just doesn't happen all of the time. C'est la vie.

This morning's commute was FOGGY. Right out of the garage, I was met by a thick fog. Well, this should be fun. Luckily for me, it wasn't all too bad. It probably helped that there maybe 50% less cars on the road. I will say that crossing the bridge this morning was an experience. The thick fog just enveloped the bridge. I'd never seen anything like it. Turn to the left, turn to the right, look straight ahead -- FOG. It felt a bit cozy and creepy at the same time. Cozy because it felt like the fog was hugging the bridge.. Creepy because it felt like Lenny [from Mice & Men] was the fog and the bridge (and by extension the cars on it) was that little mouse that Lenny 'loved'. 

Well, then.. onward and sideways.. Happy New Year..!