Thursday, September 30, 2010

I slammed my hand on the steering wheel. "Man, it never fails. I just can't catch a break." 

So, I stayed in Hayward last night.. a welcome break from the hellish morning commute that has somehow taken over my life.  Typically, it's smooth sailing - get on the bridge and fly all the way to work.  But this morning - nope.  Just as I was nearing the end of the bridge, I was greeted by flashing brake lights. Lovely. My one day to have a traffic-free commute, thwarted again.  *sigh*  In hindsight, I guess I shouldn't be complaining. It took me 25 minutes to get to work today, including the alternate route I had to take.

25 minutes is nothing compared to what I've had to endure then past couple of weeks.  September signals the start of another school year and another season.  What I'm slowly starting to realize is that it also brings about a plethora of parents who've forgotten how to drive.  And thus, my commute into work has been at least an hour.  Three weeks ago, my commute was between 50 minutes and up to an hour.  Now, it's an hour and then some.  I'll never forget the shock I felt one morning when I did a time check and realized that an hour had passed and I still was not even at the toll plaza.  Ugh.  It's been brutal, I tell ya. 

I realized the other day that I think I might be getting burnt out by this commute already.  I'm going to start considering coming into work wicked early.  I consulted with another co-worker who lives in the same area as I do.  He leaves the house at 6:15.  I'm sorry, but most of the time I'm still struggling to get out of bed at that time.  But I'll give it a go.. next week.  Gotta try getting to bed by 11.. and stick to it.  My sanity's depending on it. ;-) 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Inagural Post + Happy Anniversary

So, today marks the date of two occasions.  The first -- my first post on my newly created blog. w00t.  The second, not quite as exciting, but still notable -- 7 months as a commuter.  I guess I'd say that makes me official.  Officially crazy, maybe. ;)

In any case, of the two events occurring today, it's safe to say that the former fed from the latter.  I had been meaning to start a "commuter's" blog for quite some time now.  It seems that thoughts run through my head even more abundantly when I'm on the road.  And I'm on the road a lot.  Sure, many people have worse commutes than I do.  But in my life prior to this, my "commute" was a 15-minute drive door-to-door.  Needless to say, I was spoiled.  I knew I'd never have a better commute, unless I found a job right down the street from my house. Obviously, no such luck.

But - glass half-full, my job is rather enjoyable.  It makes commuting a lot more tolerable.  And truth be told, I don't mind driving.  I actually enjoy long drives on occasion.  What irks me.. what really gets to me.. is the TRAFFIC.  Ugh.  I'll save that topic for a different post.  Maybe on a day when it's really bad. Hey, it just might provide better commentary (heh. just sayin'..). 

Hmm.. so let's go over some stats this morning.

Alarm succeeded: 5:30a | Up and in the shower: 5:45a
Breakfast: Eggwich (turkey ham + egg) on a Spinach Asiago Bagel from Bagel Street Cafe
Coffee: Sm. half-caff (blend of hazelnut coffee & decaf coffee) from Bagel Street Cafe
Out the door: 6:35a | Pulled into parking spot: 7:56a
Mood: Not too shabby.  One of those It's-Tuesday-but-feels-like-a-Monday days. Might be a long one. We'll see. Head feels a tad bit foggy. Sipping on morning coffee and ice water.  [Wish that line read: Sipping on gin and juice. Ah well.]

Well that's all I have for today.  Thought I'd peep in and say Hullo! But, alas, the grind is calling.  I hear the faint call of client meetings and data analysis.. (sigh)  Is it Friday yet..?