Sunday, November 20, 2011

Simple Things

Two weeks ago, we spent the weekend in San Francisco.  We were celebrating a double-30th-birthday, and spent some QT with our friends.  Last weekend, we spent yet another weekend in the city.  This time we had a belated anniversary dinner at Fleur de Lys.  Both were jam-packed weekends, with amazing food, local sights, and good times.

Equally as fulfilling was this past weekend.. spent in our own 'hood.  We ran errands, hung out with my mom, went shopping, cleaned up our place, put up our wedding photo mosaic, and started getting ready for the impending holidays.  Oh!  And celebrated USC's win against the Oregon Ducks.  Ah, that was so nice.  And that was just Saturday.  Sunday started off with a mid-morning mass, where we ran into some family friends.  [Me: Doesn't that guy look like Uncle George? Him: Um, I think it is him..] It was a cold and wet day, but we still found time to be productive.  49ers won (again!), increasing their record to 9-1.  I watched some DVR'd college football recaps, after a home-cooked meal made by my hubby.

Sometimes it's great to just enjoy the simple things in life.  The closing words at Sunday mass were: "Go forward with an attitude of gratitude."  Done and done.

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